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I know that we are all very happy that the playoffs have started. These games really mean something now, so it is great that we have the playoffs. We're all contented sea lions, I am sure.

But we have to remember the regular season. Less than a week ago, that was what we were happy about. And it was an eventful season, and not just from a basketball standpoint. A lot of weird things happened, and we lost a lot of good men out there. Thankfully, the guys at The Basketball Jones honored the fallen during their end of the year awards show. Here's their recorder-driven tribute.

Touching. And not just because that song takes me back to when my one true love froze to death after we got in a boat accident together. I mean, that's sad too, but I really just miss some of those things that we lost this year.

It's weird that we won't see Allen Iverson(notes) on the court again. The whole Gilbert Arenas saga is still completely bonkers, and it's too bad we hardly got to see him play. Andrew Bogut(notes)I'll miss you.  And the dunk contest ... what a tragedy.

Pour one out, you guys. For the homies.

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Ball Don't Lie

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