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"Despite the fact that Wednesday night's games were not aired on TNT, the down-to-the-wire endings in four contests proved that the NBA definitely knows drama."

(looks up from keyboard)

Oh, hey, you guys. Don't mind me — just working on a little writing sample. I have an interview for a copywriting position with the advertising firm of Boo, Hack, Oof and Leibrandt this afternoon. Trying to get myself "in the zone." Fingers crossed!

It was an exciting Wednesday around the L, with four games featuring big-time late plays that wound up deciding outcomes or, in one case, ensuring extra time. The video clip above packages together the four key killer moments from Wednesday's tilts between the New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors, Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, and Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks, wrapped up neatly with some red rope licorice for easy and enjoyable consumption.

If, however, you'd like to savor the flavors separately, by all means, be my guest. Hit the jump for the individually wrapped slices of awesome.

For starters, how about Raymond Felton(notes) continuing his breakout season in Manhattan by getting the member's bounce at Madison Square Garden to break a 110-all tie and put away the Raps?

As TSN's Jack Armstrong notes in the clip, "Well, when things are going right for you as an organization, luck comes your way." On the other hand, as former Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey once said, "Luck is the residue of design." That's definitely applicable here, because Mike D'Antoni's whiteboard coming out of the timeout included the phrases "hit every part of the rim" and "make the crowd hold its collective breath, then explode." Such a stickler for detail on offense.

For your second course, we present Rudy Gay(notes) draining the corner triple to knot the game at 92 and send the Grizzlies into overtime, where they would eventually overtake the Suns:

This is a nice play and everything — Zach Randolph(notes) gets just enough of Josh Childress(notes) on his screen to give Gay an opening, Gay flashes cleanly to the corner, Mike Conley(notes) makes a nice bounce pass, Gay goes straight up with the shot and knocks down the jumper with Childress flying in his face. But I feel like what I'll remember most is how defeated the Suns announcers sound.

Like, "Oh, man, really? First we had to watch the Suns trail Memphis by 14 points after three quarters, then Hedo Turkoglu(notes) of all people buries a pair of triples to key the comeback/take-the-lead effort, and now we have to watch the Suns be unable to close against an 8-14 Grizzlies team?" They sound pretty bummed out by the prospect of this particular brand of bonus basketball. And considering the Grizz went on to hit four of five shots and all four free throws they attempted in OT to drop Hedo and His Amazing Friends, I can't really blame them. Buck up, chums. Hope tomorrow you'll find better things.

For thirdsies, we go down under and over the top with Andrew Bogut(notes) running the at-the-rim tip drill (no Nelly) to lift the Bucks over the Pacers:

For real actual information about this, I suggest you read Sebastian Pruiti's great breakdown of the play (and taking-to-task of Jim O'Brien for not using his tallest player, Roy Hibbert(notes), to defend the rim) at NBA Playbook. For non-real things, I'd like to formally suggest that Bucks coach Scott Skiles change the name of that out-of-bounds set in his playbook to "Luc Richard Mbogut-Oop-Play." Just rolls off the tongue, I think.

And for dessert, here's reigning NBA iron man Derek Fisher(notes) juuuust beating the clock with a last-tenth-of-a-second layup to vanquish the Clippers:

"Dear Eric Bledsoe(notes): Derek Fisher is left-handed. I know you are a rookie, but in the future, please guard him accordingly. Sincerely Yours, Clippers Fans." Oh, well, don't feel too bad, Eric. Fisher's been a late-game hero against better and more veteran teams than yours, and on bigger stages, to boot. It's kind of his thing.

Four big plays leading to four big wins. Which one's your favorite? Which one do you hate so much you want to punch it in its head? What are some other snappy lines I should use in my interview? Sound off in the comments.

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