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LeBron James(notes) did it. So did Kobe Bryant(notes). Rajon Rondo's(notes) done it. Monta Ellis(notes) has done it. Geez, even Kyle Korver's(notes) done it. And that's just this season.

Pretty soon, it's not even going to be interesting when guys shoot over the backboard. But for now, it's still awesome. Tyreke Evans'(notes) might be the best yet.

Between Chris Bosh's(notes) foul, his shot being both a runner and a floater, plus not shooting it like a balanced jump shot there's a lot of extra added difficulty. But for Tyreke Evans it's just typical rookie stuff.

You know, simple things like making amazing shots on your way to your first triple-double on a night honoring you. No big deal. Child's play, really.

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Ball Don't Lie

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