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Saying Kobe Bryant(notes) is focused is like saying tacos are delicious — it's a major understatement. To throw Kobe Bryant off his game you're going to need more than trash talk, flying elbows or crowd noise. You're going to need one of the funniest stand-up comedians of the past 20 years, someone who knows just what to say to get under a person's skin. You need someone like Chris Rock, and even then, results aren't guaranteed.

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I've been laughing at that reveal since the moment it popped up on ABC's broadcast. Kobe Bryant could sit through a hurricane if it happened during a finals game.

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Kobe summed up his mentality best in his postgame news conference, telling ABC's Doris Burke that when he's playing basketball "nothing else matters." Either he's a big Metallica fan, or he's intent on getting his fifth ring. Probably both.

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Ball Don't Lie

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