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Dwight Howard had a monster Game 5 against the 76ers — 24 points and a career playoff-high 24 rebounds, his best game of the first-round series by far — but if he's in uniform for Game 6 in Philadelphia ... well, he won't be. You might as well start stretching now, Air Gortat.

According to the NBA rulebook — Rule 12A, Section V l(5) — Dwight should have been ejected for throwing an "elbow foul which makes contact above shoulder level." Instead, he was assessed a measly technical foul (what, did the referees have a bad angle on it, did they think the shot was accidental?) and the Magic avoided a bullet — for a day.

Because as Doug Smith and many others are pointing out this morning, "If Stu Jackson doesn't get a whiff of that video and hit Howard with a one-game suspension, it will just feed into the theory that stars get preferential treatment, especially come playoff time."

So true. Dwight will receive a one-game suspension, and rightfully so.

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Ball Don't Lie

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