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Derek Fisher(notes) must be a big fan of homonyms. How else to explain how he could be "feeling it" in more than one way on Tuesday night?

Fisher was definitely "feeling it" when he went off for 11 fourth quarter points on 5-of-7 shooting, effectively shutting the door on the surging Boston Celtics. And then there's the "feeling it" of letting the emotions from that performance get to you in a postgame press conference. Fisher did that too.

Kinda sweet, right? It's not every day you see a 30-something point guard break down following one of his team's playoff games, even if we did see a different mid-30s point guard turn on the water works a little more than a week ago. Maybe crying after games is the next big thing in the NBA.

[Photos: See Derek Fisher in action]

That being said, are you surprised by his tears? The guy's got four championship rings and this was just the Lakers' second win in the finals, so it's a little strange that he'd get so emotional, baby. But strong men also cry ... strong men also cry.

(video via Jose3030)

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Ball Don't Lie

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