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It used to be that you'd have to wait for the preseason, assuming those games were televised, to see what sort of shape your favorite players were in following the offseason. Or, more specifically, "your favorite players that could stand to lose a few pounds."

But more often than not, you had to wait until the first games of the regular season to see where that body mass index rested. Then, the internet hit, and dorks like me started to scan the Yahoo! (not a plug, just the truth) photo wires on media day, trying to see if, indeed, Kevin Garnett(notes) had grown another inch over the summer.

Nowadays, you have the summer leagues, TwitPics, club encounters gone viral, and breathless reports of Brook Lopez's(notes) mononucleosis recovery.

Further trending forward? We have hip-hop videos. And, as pointed out by The Hoop Doctors' Allen Moll, hulking Spurs big man DeJuan Blair(notes) isn't looking as big as he usually does in this collaboration with P.O.P. Take a look:

That's some good news, and it's nice to see the talented Spurs second-year man looking so svelte, even if he isn't sounding that good. I'd be scanning the TV looking for news about Joakim Noah's(notes) conditioning, but Direct TV doesn't carry a Francophile reggaetron channel.

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Ball Don't Lie

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