Ball Don't Lie - NBA

If you bothered to hang around until the second half of Denver's dominant blowout win over the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night, you are to be commended.

If you're Sean Williams, who has had a spotted NBA career filled with frustrated coaches and teammates bent on pointing out that he has heretofore betrayed his potential, then you did damn well in acting as the best Maverick on the court in the loss. Williams managed 12 points in just 11 minutes off the bench in the loss, and he followed up the performance with a massive repudiation of whatever he and his team consumed earlier that evening.

That is to say he blew chunks on the bench:

Mark Cuban seemed to find it funny. Dirk Nowitzki did as well, while covering his nose with a towel, before Dad Brian Cardinal told him that he should help his brother out by giving him a glass of warm water and telling him to brush his teeth before the bile sets in.

Also, the defending champion Mavericks are 0-2. Must be something goin' round.

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Ball Don't Lie

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