Ball Don't Lie - NBA

NBA highlights are the foundation of a strong blog breakfast, and although I'm bitter about waking up each morning, that changes quickly after a nutritious YouTube video. And oatmeal. Don't forget the oatmeal.

Well, today we eat like kings, thanks to Chris Paul's effort in the kitchen against the Mavericks last night. There are plenty of excellent dishes to choose, from CP3's behind-the-back dribble no-look to his touch-the-clouds lob to this undressing of poor Jason Terry on the break. Take your pick, pass the sugar and eat up.

Tyson Chandler was left impressed: "Incredible. He made one of the best moves I’ve ever seen in my life — on an NBA player. I was at halfcourt and I just stopped. I couldn’t even finish the break because I had never seen anything like that."

(via Hornets Hype)

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Ball Don't Lie

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