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Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace was hospitalized Tuesday night with a possible collapsed lung and fractured rib. He was injured in the fourth quarter of the 'Cats' double-overtime victory over the Lakers when Andrew Bynum nailed G-Dub to the floor on a drive to the net. Bynum was called for a flagrant foul.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people are calling the foul dirty and for Bynum to be suspended indefinitely. [Insert dramatic "sigh" SFX here.] For the umpteenth time, it's called professional basketball, folks — freak, unfortunate injuries can happen. (At least, until we start wrapping players in bubble wrap.)

As Ziller notes, it looks like Bynum missed his rotation and tried to make up ground fast to save face with Coach Jackson. He reached out with his arm to wrap up him, Wallace hit the key much faster than anticipated, chest meets elbow, ouch. Was it lazy defense by Bynum? Yes, no doubt. But malicious? Please ...

Injury Update: "Wallace was diagnosed with having 30-40 percent of his left lung collapsed and a non-displaced fracture of the fifth rib following a CT-Scan at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles. Wallace had a chest tube inserted into the lung to help restore it to functional capacity, but will remain in the hospital over the next 48 hours for observation." Get well soon, Crash. 

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Ball Don't Lie

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