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Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings(notes) popped the ball off a defender's head at the Dyckman League on Sunday, and his defender didn't really get all up in arms because ... well, the defender wasn't up in arms to begin with. You kind of had it coming, buddy.

Watch (via TBJ and many, many Twitter feeds):

The most famous, if not the best example of this came in the 2003 Rookie/Sophomore game, when Jason Richardson(notes) (who can't drive) bounced the ball off of Carlos Boozer(notes) (who can't defend).

Boozer took great offense, but it was sort of his fault for not realizing that Richardson can't dribble the ball and move forward at the same time.

The same goes for the poor soul who took a Jennings bounce off his noggin. Brandon, despite his skills, barely drives, and he always goes left. So back off the guy, let him shoot his 30 percent from long range, and shade to his left.

Or, crowd him, and become part of viral hoop infamy.

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Ball Don't Lie

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