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Bill Walton is a talkative guy, prone to the sort of ramblings that distinguish him even among basketball color commentators, a group of people who are actually paid to talk as much as possible. So, when he's quiet, you better believe it's for a good reason.

Therein lies the genius of the ad for Guinness above, starring Walton as a satisfied patron of a local pub. You see, while every other barfly sits in agony while gulping their tasteless, presumably lite beer, the Big Redhead gets to enjoy a tasty Guinness. Like me, you may be surprised that such a big fan of the Grateful Dead is doing an ad for beer and not some other kind of product, but I'm pretty sure his other options aren't yet legal.

I'm on record as being a huge Walton fan -- I'd even list him as one of my own personal heroes, for several reasons -- so I would like to be completely shameless for a minute and make the man a proposition: I live three blocks from a pub that serves several variations of Guinness, and they pour them all correctly. Would you like to get a beer some time? I'll even pay!

(Video via Oakley & Allen)

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Ball Don't Lie

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