Ball Don't Lie - NBA

If you regularly watch NBA games, then you've probably seen the league's new "time travel" ads in which fans visit players in their younger days to tell them about the accolades and fame they'll reach in the world of professional basketball. They are bizarre, sometimes poorly conceived, and always creepy. For instance, have you seen the clip of the teenage Kevin Durant being told about the world of the Oklahoma City Thunder by a middle-aged man who probably owns a windowless van? If not, consider yourself lucky.

Yet, no matter how weird these ads are, they are impressive bits of modern CGI filmmaking. In the video above, you can see exactly how these modern technical wizards make these ads look seamless, as long as your definition of that term involves NBA players not acknowledging the time travelers in any way, shape, or form.

It's amazing, this computer magic. Unfortunately, it can't yet make up for a poor concept.

(Via Dime and PBT)

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Ball Don't Lie

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