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The Washington Wizards welcomed Kirk Hinrich(notes) into the fold on Monday afternoon and he said a lot of things that should excite Wizards fans. After saying that he thinks his new team "can surprise a lot of people," Hinrich had a shootaround with some local kids. They had differing opinions on the shooting guard joining their favorite team.

1. "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!"

2. "Yay. Make the basketball shot."

3. "Free throws to get a crowd of kids fired up? C'mon, son."

4. "I cannot believe they would just give some dude Chris Whitney's number like that."

5. "Kirk, lemme teach you how to dougie."

6. "This guy. This is who we traded all our cap space for. Kirk Hinrich. Really? Greeeat."

7. "Gosh, dang it. Now everybody at open gym is going to call me 'Kirk Hinrich' when I make a shot. Thanks, Ernie."

There are way more kids who need their minds read, have at it in the comments.

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Ball Don't Lie

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