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Perhaps frustrated by the lack of interest on the NBA, European and South Korean free agent market, Internet star Stephon Marbury(notes) posted comments on his Twitter page not too long ago that sounded like he was ready to call it a career.

"Basketball is just a game. I will say it again. 14 years 250 million. Hold that. I'm good. Thank you Jesus for the blessing. Thanks NBA," Marbury tweeted in early September before pumping the Kirk Franklin tunes and recycling those pesky cardboard boxes once and for all.

But wait! Not so fast, says one NBA Development League team owner! Come to Utah!

"I am the owner of the Utah Flash NBA D-League team. Why not come play for us this season," tweet-asked Brandt Andersen Wednesday. "Fans would love having [you]."

Giddy with anticipation, albeit skeptical, Ball Don't Lie contacted Andersen via e-mail to expand on his invitation and tell us why he thought the Flash could be a good fit for Marbury's non-existant career.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, here's Andersen's, um, reasoning:

• The D-League has always been about chances. In this case, it's a third or fourth chance for Stephon to make it back, but I am convinced he will make the most of it.

• Much like his shoes, this would be an opportunity to show that he plays the game for the love and not the money. He has shown with his most recent "all access video streaming" that he wants to be a man of the people. There is no better way to do that than with the Utah Flash in the D-League. Coming here to play will show everyone the true Starbury.

• His fans want to see him play basketball as much as they want to see him swallow Vaseline.

• This gives him a chance to show all the NBA teams that he is a humble guy and not afraid to do whatever for the game. It shows a total love and commitment for the game.

• Playing for the Flash will give Marbury a chance to connect with those people who will buy his $15 shoes. The people that attend our games will really appreciate that about him. He becomes a true "man of the people" a blue-collar guy we love.

• Think of the comeback story ... Marbury ruins any chances of getting an NBA deal with crazy antics over the summer, but then battles his way back through the D-League to get back on a NBA roster. It's a rags to riches to rags back to riches story. The book and movie deals will far surpass any forgone salary he would have received.

Prophet Marbury in Mormon country? Yes, please and thank you.

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