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It's been a good week for teams with bad logos. First, the Orlando Magic updated their logo, moving it from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s. Next, the Utah Jazz went retro, bringing their note logo out of retirement to instantly improve the look of their franchise. Now, the Golden State Warriors have unveiled a vintage logo of their own, and it immediately jumps into the top 5 of all NBA logos. Check it out.

Yeah, that's nice. Super nice. It'll be tough to say goodbye to the blue mascot, but ever since the SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City, Thunder's days have been numbered. Gonna miss you, buddy.

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As you can tell, the new Warriors symbol is a direct callback to the San Francisco Warriors days of the 1960s. Golden State has been wearing those "The City" throwbacks for about six years now — and it's been one of the NBA's best uniforms the entire time — so it only makes sense it would take cues from that sartorial splendor. Ergo, the new jerseys that go with this new logo are an updated take on those '60s unis, and they look pretty nice too. According to Warriors president Robert Rowell, that's exactly where they got the idea. Rowell, from the Warriors website:

"The throwback uniforms we've worn as part of the NBA's Hardwood Classics initiative in recent years have been extremely popular with our fans, and we set out to design a new look that was clean and traditional in that same spirit. We are grateful to the NBA and adidas for providing us with a magnitude of creative freedom, along with invaluable expertise, during this process."

Pretty perfect new look, if you ask me. I'm already looking forward to seeing these jerseys in person.

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