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Bodog's odds to win the 2009-10 NBA Championship have been reassessed and posted following last week's NBA Draft and trade activity. Unsurprisingly, the Shaquille O'Neal(notes)-to-Cleveland, Vince Carter(notes)-to-Orlando and Richard Jefferson(notes)-to-San Antonio deals have altered a few of the favorites' lines.

Some notes, courtesy of Jimmy Shapiro, comparing the updated odds to ones released June 15th:

* Cleveland went from 3/1 to 9/4
* L.A. Lakers fell from 2/1 to 9/4
* San Antonio sky rocked from 16/1 to 11/1
* Orlando jumped a bit from 15/2 to 6/1
* Boston dipped slightly from 9/2 to 5/1

Interestingly, the Rockets still remain at 15/1 odds despite Yao's foot scare.

After the jump, the complete list of all the team's odds to win the '09-10 Larry O'Brien.

Odds to win 2010 NBA Championship:

Cleveland Cavaliers (9/4)
Los Angeles Lakers (9/4)
Boston Celtics (5/1)
Orlando Magic (6/1)
San Antonio Spurs (11/1)
Denver Nuggets (13/1)
Houston Rockets (15/1)
Portland Trail Blazers (18/1)
Utah Jazz (20/1)
Dallas Mavericks (40/1)
New Orleans Hornets (40/1)
Detroit Pistons (45/1)
Atlanta Hawks (50/1)
Chicago Bulls (50/1)
Miami Heat (50/1)
Phoenix Suns (50/1)
Philadelphia 76ers (60/1)
New Jersey Nets (75/1)
New York Knicks (75/1)
Washington Wizards (75/1)
Charlotte Bobcats (100/1)
Golden State Warriors (100/1)
Indiana Pacers (100/1)
Los Angeles Clippers (100/1)
Oklahoma City Thunder (100/1)
Sacramento Kings (100/1)
Toronto Raptors (100/1)
Milwaukee Bucks (125/1)
Minnesota Timberwolves (125/1)
Memphis Grizzlies (150/1)

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