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All things considered, it's been a pretty good offseason for the Washington Wizards. They got John Wall(notes), JaVale McGee(notes) almost made Team USA, and Gilbert Arenas(notes) is looking healthy and ready to be a productive member of the team. After last year's disaster, things are finally looking up for the franchise, and all it cost them was all their cap space, two of their most well-liked players of the past decade and a top-five draft pick that was turned into a season's worth of play from Mike Miller(notes) and Randy Foye(notes). Not a bad deal.

Despite turning their plentiful cap space into Kirk Hinrich(notes), the Wizards still had enough room to make one final splash in free agency. And splash they did, as Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports.

Adam Morrison(notes), whom [Michael] Jordan selected with the third pick in 2006, has accepted a training camp invitation on a make-good contract with the Wizards, according to two league sources.

Morrison is hoping to work his way back into relevance after being an afterthought on the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. [...]

Morrison worked out for several teams in Las Vegas, including the Wizards, and an individual workout with Coach Flip Saunders. "I haven't played basically in two years, so I'm just looking for a place to get some quality minutes and try to get back in that rhythm again," Morrison said in Las Vegas.

Don't laugh. The Wizards just acquired a top-three pick with two NBA titles for nothing. That's what we call business acumen, my friends. Anytime that sort of deal is on the table, you snatch it right up as fast as you can. Who cares if he admits he hasn't really played basketball in two years?

Of course, Morrison's contract isn't guaranteed. As Lee notes, the Wizards have 12 players under contract, meaning AmMo will battle for a roster spot with Sean Marks(notes), Cartier Martin(notes), Lester Hudson(notes), Kevin Palmer and Hamady Ndiaye. Two of those guys sound made up, which leaves Morrison a 75 percent chance of making the Wizards. Considering his résumé, I like his odds.

At the very least the Wizards are getting a good teammate who's been around championship teams. The Lakers have nothing but good things to say about Morrison, so his addition isn't totally absurd. Well, yeah, it pretty much is, but it's nice to see the Wizards give Michael Jordan's Bobcats draft mistake a chance after the Bobcats gave Michael Jordan's Wizards draft mistake a chance. Turnabout is fair play.

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