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Grab a tissue; the six-year window into the lives of our beloved characters on "The Steph and the Restless" has finally come to an end. On Tuesday's dramatic series finale, Stephon Marbury agrees to a contract buyout with the New York Knicks. (Oh, sorry, spoiler alert there.) Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press:

The team released a statement saying an agreement between the Knicks and Marbury had been reached, but did not disclose financial terms. Knicks president Donnie Walsh has said the team and Marbury have been trying to work out a buyout.

Walsh's hope was to get something for Marbury in a trade, but with Marbury's salary of close to $21 million this season and a divisive personality, he knew a deal was improbable.

Marbury would be eligible to play in the postseason for any team that signs him because he was waived by March 1. He has been linked to the Boston Celtics, who are in need of a backup guard with Tony Allen injured.

Later, Steph and his family and friends are eating at a diner. LaTasha Frieson (Steph's wife) cannot parallel park despite having a mile in which to position her car. (Note: Steph took the bus.) Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" plays over the jukebox.

"Some were born to sing the blues ..."

The diner's doorbell rings.

"Oh, the movie never ends ..."

Kevin Garnett comes through the door, rushing in.

"It goes on and on and on and on ..."

Steph looks up.

"Dont stop—"

Cut to green.

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Ball Don't Lie

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