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No matter how many NBA players hop on Twitter — and there are a lot — one guy who I'd never expect to join the fray is Tim Duncan(notes). Frankly, it would be too dangerous to allow a cyborg computer access as they've been known to turn the machines against us, so I'm sure there are some precautions against that scenario. But whatever the reason, Tim Duncan on Twitter just isn't something I see happening.

It seems like Twitter disagrees, because according to TMZ, the blue-birded tech firm snatched the controls from another Tim Duncan who is not the Tim Duncan we all think of when we hear the name "Tim Duncan." Also, Tim Duncan.

The white Tim tells us he got an email from Twitter Tuesday informing him they were shutting down his account because they believed he was trying to "impersonate" the black, much taller Tim Duncan.

Eventually, Twitter reinstated the controls of the slightly less famous Tim's account, which has been inactive since late January when he was "gettin tired of nasa." Must have took a lot out of him if he hasn't been back in two and a half months.

It's pretty easy to see how Twitter thought that the other Tim was impersonating the Spurs' Tim. There's a tweet linking to a review of "Saw VI," which seems like a movie that's right up the alley of someone who is known as a Demon Deacon. And everyone knows Tim Duncan also loves McDonald's fries. Were it an impression, it would be spot-on.

Almost. There's a dead giveaway that this was not the basketball Tim Duncan, nor an impersonation of him — there's not a single complaint about referees to be found in the entire feed. Dubious.

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Ball Don't Lie

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