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All throughout the NBA draft Thursday night, ESPN's commentators were calling the 2010 rookies the best-dressed draft class of all-time. They might be right, as the Internet has basically killed the bad draft suit since every player knows that if they dress poorly they'll be instantly ridiculed. Tragic, I know, but there was still a lot going on sartorially Thursday night. After the jump, some of the best and some of the worst.

Shout out your favorites, and your least favorites, in the comments. It'll be great.

Best Dressed: Wesley Johnson(notes), Minnesota Timberwolves, No. 4
After taking home the title of best dressed of the pre-draft portraits, Wesley Johnson gets another valuable Internet trophy. He just gets it. I'm not the biggest fan of double-breasted jackets, but this just works. He looks like he's seen quite a few Andre 3000 pictures, and that's OK by me. Everything fits perfectly, he coordinated everything without being too matchy and he's got excellent accessories from the slim shoes to the gold cuff-links to what appears to be a jacket fully lined with red silk. Magnificent. He might be one of the 10 best dressers in the NBA already. Thumbs up to you, sir.

Worst Dressed: Greg Monroe(notes), Detroit Pistons, No. 7
This isn't going to go down in history as one of the worst suits ever — it's just bad. Peaked lapels are a bad look unless you're wearing a tuxedo, and a pointed pocket square is very 1980s. And not in a good way. It doesn't help that Monroe's suit looks like it was made from leftover fabric in an Old Navy factory. But hey, he's going to Detroit. They're not going to care what he wears.

Best Dressed (runner-up): Paul George(notes), Indiana Pacers, No. 10
Understated with just a little bit of flash, and just about a perfect fit. It's the little things, like showing a little bit of cuff or a hint of a dark pocket square that really make this a sharp-dressed man. And that tie chain is amazing.

Best Dressed (second runner-up): Xavier Henry(notes), Memphis Grizzlies, No. 12
Pretty nice look for the former Kansas wing. The green from the shirt plays off the subdued stripes on the jacket, which in turn complement a non-matching tie and pocket square. Nothing too fancy, but pretty well done.

Best Color-matching: DeMarcus Cousins(notes), Sacramento Kings, No. 5
With the way Cousins' shirt and suit perfectly match the Kings' purple and silver color scheme, it almost makes you think he knew he was heading to Sacramento. He even took things a step further by matching his tie to those awful gold uniforms from a few years ago.

Most Standard Issue Draft Suit: John Wall(notes), Washington Wizards, No. 1
It's like John Wall went to wherever NBA draft picks go to get their suits and said, "I'd like the most stereotypical draft look ever." And then he got a pinstriped suit, light shirt and shiny tie. Not bad, just very draft-y.

Best Impression of an NBA Player: Al-Farouq Aminu(notes), Los Angeles Clippers, No. 8
I don't know how he did it, but Aminu somehow made himself look like he was wearing a Dwight Howard costume.

Worst Draft Portrait: Ekpe Udoh(notes), Golden State Warriors, No. 6
The suit is bad enough — it's way too big — but the way Udoh is holding the ball, and where he's holding it, remind me way too much of Degeneration X. That's never a good thing if you're a grown-up.

Strangest Draft Trend: the flat-billed hat
Yeah, keeping your sick fitted's bill super straight has been the look for a few years now, but you would think that at least one draftee would have bent his bill. Didn't happen, and as a result, the 2010 rookie class succeeded in looking like my third-grade Little League team, Today Cartage.

Most Obvious Nod to an Alma Mater: Evan Turner(notes), Philadelphia 76ers, No. 2
I'm assuming that all attendees of Ohio State University are given a grey suit, white shirt and red tie immediately upon enrolling. They're probably also given a can of gasoline to set things on fire, but thankfully Evan Turner left his kit at home.

Best Hat-wearer: Cole Aldrich(notes), New Orleans Hornets, No. 11
If you need Cole Aldrich, you can find him playing bumper pool down at the VFW. He's usually there during the day with his buddies Hank and Abe. Just say hi, he's a nice guy.

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