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To paraphrase Kevin Costner, "If you paint it, he might stay." At least that's what our old friend A. Gully is hoping.

Just 12 short months after customizing his '87 Cutlass "Witness Mobile" to honor LeBron James'(notes) first MVP, the Cleveland rapper finds himself in danger of losing his city's most-famous basketball player. If you know anything about the customized-car-as-a-promotional-item business, you'll know that means it's time for a paint change. Have a look.

It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but the car is designed as a moving petition for LBJ to stay in Cleveland, complete with signature lines that people actually sign. Thankfully, there is a promotional video set to a LeBron James-afied version of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" to clear things up. Yes, really.

Somehow, this entire "Witness Mobile" is tied into Please Don't Leave 23, another in the long line of kind of hilarious free-agent recruiting websites. PDL23 was started as a part of an entrepreneurship course at Kent State University, and its founders say that they "believe that there is no single person in Ohio right now that generates more revenue and creates more jobs than LeBron James." Works for me — they're the entrepreneurship students, I'm just a blogger who thinks "entrepreneurship" is a tough word to spell.

While it might seem excessive to repaint a car just a year after tricking it out in the first place, you have to keep in mind another famous saying: "Life moves fast. If you don't stop and customize automobiles for your favorite athletes, you just might miss it." Sound advice.

(h/t Skeets)

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Ball Don't Lie

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