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While the on-court Warriors most closely resemble a D-League team, their front office has long been a minor league operation. They have a coach who prefers experimenting to coaching. The coach has the GM wrapped around his finger. It's a real fork in the sand situation.

But we can change that. Together. All we have to do is pool our money, and then we can make all the changes we want. The Warriors are for sale, and I think we should buy them.

From the Associated Press:

The Golden State Warriors are for sale-and Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison has already said he wants to buy the team.

The Warriors say they have hired Galatioto Sports Partners, or GSP, to handle selling the franchise and serve as their exclusive financial adviser throughout the process.

While current owner Chris Cohan hadn't given any indication he planned to put the franchise up for sale anytime soon, there had been thinking that he would certainly listen if an incredible offer was made.

How dare you, Larry Ellison! You and your multi-billion dollar company and your exquisite yacht. Foiled again.

Of course, Ellison has been interested in buying the Warriors for quite some time. Last July, reports surfaced that he had been in talks to acquire the team. Then, in January he said that he wanted to purchase the franchise, but "unfortunately you can't have a hostile takeover of a basketball team."

But now it seems that Cohan's financial problems have caught up with him. In 2007, it was discovered that Cohan owed $160 million in back taxes from the sale of a television company in 1998. As of January of 2009, the franchise was valued at $315 million. Cohan owns 80 percent.

It's just as well that Ball Don't Lie doesn't buy the Warriors, I guess. It's not like anyone would have went for my idea to start four guards and a 6-foot-8 center anyways. Thanks for saving me the embarrassment.

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Ball Don't Lie

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