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The New Jersey Nets are struggling. They have the league's worst record at 6-53. Because of that, they're last in attendance.

To combat this they've tried a few bizarre promotions over the years. First, they gave away tickets to unemployed workers, and also gave them career advice. Then, if you bought a 10-game ticket plan you got a jersey that featured not just a Net, but also an opposing player.

This Friday, the Nets will unleash another in their long line of minor league-esque promos:

Their latest promotion will be unveiled Friday, when the Nets play the Orlando Magic. New Jersey residents 18 or older who attend the game will get a coupon that they can redeem at a Roni Deutch Tax Center to get their state income tax done free.

No one likes doing their taxes, but is it worth having to go to a Nets game? At just a $29 value, I'm not so sure.

But you have to admire the gumption of Roni Deutch, the eponymous tax attorney offering the promotion. She says, "The hallmark of a strong company is one that aligns with young companies. I'm a betting woman, and I think the Nets are going to win a championship this decade."

Probably not, but she's not the first to make such a proclamation.

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Ball Don't Lie

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