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Reggie Miller is about to tell you that this play is "one of the new rules in the league" and that it's basically "a LeBron James rule." Please don't listen to him.

While at first glance LeBron's "jump-stop" appears to be a travel, it's not. The NBA rulebook, via the FanHouse, states that as long as you land with both feet simultaneously (which it looked like LeBron would've done had he not collided with Haywood), and then release the ball with a shot or pass, you're good to go. It looks really weird, but it is legal.

And from what I can recall, this is a move that's been going on for years. I couldn’t find video to back me up, but I'm almost positive that Dominque Wilkins regularly pulled off the two-foot jump stop in the paint before flushing one home. It's not "new" at all, Reg.

Now, with that said, forget the "did-he or didn't-he" travel bit. What the crowd really wanted was the charging call. And now that I think about it, maybe that's the "LeBron James rule" Reggie was referring to. You know, barrel into your defender, draw the blocking call. He seems to get away with that one a lot.

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Ball Don't Lie

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