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On the same day Chris Webber announced his retirement, his 1999 hit CD '2 Much Drama' also went out of stock. (At least, I think it did. I hadn't checked that website in over eight years.) Here's what they're saying out in the blogosphere about C-Webb's sad news ... 

Stet Sports Blog: "Webber was supposed to be power forward 2.0, until controversy, injury and Kevin Garnett all came along and derailed that notion. He'll be remembered more for dating Tyra Banks than his five all-star appearances, and more for being a budding hip-hop producer than a career 20 ppg-9 rpg-4 apg player. There's so much that Chris Webber could've been to himself and to the league, but it all works out in the end. He's freed himself of filling an expectation he began building way back in high school, and can finally walk into maturity his way."

The Big Lead: "Sure, Webber never won an NCAA or NBA title -- some might even argue he is precisely the reason Michigan and Sacramento didn’t win it all -- but this does not mean he’s one of the eight best power forwards in NBA history. We’ve got him ahead of guys like Dirk, Rasheed Wallace and Amare (if only because they’re young) and we actually think that C-Webb is much closer to Kevin McHale than ESPN [did]."

SLAMonline: "NBA Live 95. The Warriors had Hardaway, Sprewell, Mullin, and Webber (and Billy Owens. He wasn't allowed to touch the ball). Unstoppable. In real life they had injuries, but I prefer to remember the virtual best team ever. I can't even tell you how many times we did impression of the barbershop commercial where he dunks on Barkley and invents the Sir Charles quote 'I don't believe in role models, but you mine.'"

Commenter Mityt, Sactown Royalty: (Should Webber's number be retired?) "I say no. I loved Webb and you can't deny his numbers, but he was within inches of leaving Sac [...] The ONLY reason he stayed was because of the $$$ and who can blame him. Retiring jersey numbers should be for special franchise players. I don't think #4 qualifies, as witnessed by his knee injury and the team's subsequent success. How much was Webb a product of a beautiful system and excellent complimentary players, how can you truly judge?"

SimonOnSports: "Chris Webber's career is a career of almosts and not quites. He almost won two NCAA Titles. He almost knocked off the Lakers, which would have surely given him his first NBA Title. He almost had a career to get him into the Hall of Fame but the injuries and lack of playoff success will surely keep him out. But with all these not quites there is one thing for certain, Chris Webber was, is and will always be my favorite athlete. And today I am saddened that I will never watch him play again and that the biggest sports link to my childhood is calling it a career."

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