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The Clippers acquired center Marcus Camby from the Nuggets last night for the option to exchange second-round picks with LA in 2010. (Yep. That's it.) Here's what they're saying out in the ether about The Camby Man going to Cali ... "It's a good mid-term solution for the Clips. Camby can more than compensate for Brand's rebounding and blocks. He's arguably the most effective help defender in the league. Not a bad passer, either.Camby's usage dropped precipitously after Denver acquired Allen Iverson, but he's a reasonably effective scorer and has that dependable set shot from about 15. He's certainly not capable of contributing at Elton's level — and he'll never demand a double-team — but he doesn't have to. Side note: We posed the question a couple of years back, "is Chris Kaman secretly a power forward?" Now we might have occasion to find out."

Denver Stiffs: "... my initial reaction is a combination of pissed off and bewildered. I mean, why trade one of the best defensive centers in the league for a starting point guard when you can get a meaningless second round pick? You're telling me Marcus Camby isn't worth at least (at least!) a first round pick?! It looks like the Nuggets are either desperate to shed payroll (what are we, the Florida Marlins now??) or are making another big move shortly. But without knowing about possible deals coming down the pike, this "trade" rivals sending Chauncey Billups to Orlando for Tariq Abdul-Wahad and will likely make our Denver Stiffs "Worst Trades in Denver Nuggets History" list coming later this summer."

Clips Nation: "This is great news, and it should be interesting to see how the analysis of Camby vs. FElton plays out — there has been a fair amount of grumbling about FElton's real ability and productivity after the 06-07 drop and 07-08 injury, and some discussion that the Clips might be better off not maxing out FElton. So now the Clips have replaced the defense and rebounding side of the equation with this very solid, completely cost-effective move, which for me at least is infinitely more exciting than trading for the overpaid Zach Randolph. Camby, in fact, seems to be the anti-Zach Randolph. And now the Clippers have a starting lineup. Another thing to mention: Baron Davis has gone to the playoffs six times, and he engineered one of the great upsets in playoff history. And he has never played on a team with big men able to rebound and defend like Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby."

Clips Nation (again): [This] is great from a salary cap standpoint. The Clippers are still under the cap, and can still add a player before all is said and done. Camby also becomes a trade piece next season, along with Tim Thomas and Cat Mobley. All three expire prior to the 2010 free agent bonanza, when players like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudemire and Chris Bosh will all be available. The Clippers will now be players in that lottery, or use the three in a trade. It gives the team lots of leverage."

The Nugg Doctor: "If the Nuggets really let go of the captain of this team without getting at least, at bare-freakin'- minimum, a prospected high first round draft pick in next year's draft they are getting robbed blind! This is a player that anchored an otherwise hapless defensive crew, led the league in blocked shots, and was in the running for the best rebounding clip all year long! But yet, somehow, the Denver Nuggets, allegedly, are unable to get more than a future second round pick out of the Clippers? Talk about bringing a team to their knees."

Commenter "Bone" at Dime: "Hard for me to see how this move helps either team. The Clips already have Kaman and Camby does not replace what EB did on offense. Puzzling ... As for Denver, they have now lost Camby and Najera — the only two guys who played an sort of defense — and have nothing to show for it. Are they really content with going to war next year with K-Mart and Nene at the 4 and 5 spot? Those two are not exactly AC Green and Dolph Schayes in terms of durability. Maybe they are clearing cap space to go after Okafor? A younger Camby? That is the only thing that makes sense."

Pickaxe and Roll: "The Nuggets acquired two assets in this deal. First of all, they can swap second round picks with the Clippers in the 2010 draft. That part of the deal is not so good, but we will get to that later. The real prize in this trade is the Nuggets have received a trade exception of $10.1 million dollars that they can use anytime between now and July 14, 2009 to acquire a player, or players, whose salary will fit into that exception. Basically this trade is Marcus Camby for a swap of 2010 second round picks and a player to be named later. ... Some people who believe Camby is the heart of the Nuggets defense will panic, and there is no doubt that this trade makes the Nuggets a worse team for the 2008-2009 season. On the other hand there has been a growing movement to trade Marcus Camby amongst Nugget fans for at least two seasons. I have been a strong proponent of trading Camby because I believe he is a vastly overrated defender and he is the only center in the NBA who cannot go down on the block and make a jump hook."

Moore, FanHouse: "When Nuggets fans hoped for a roster move to shake up a team that was woefully deficient at defense, and downright catastrophic at points in terms of chemistry, this is is probably not what they hoped for. This has to be considered nothing more than a cost cutting measure by the Nuggets, who are scheduled to pay over $13 million in luxury tax for last season. Both teams needed to do something with their rosters. They did something, but it says something very different about the future for both squads."

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