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Almost three years ago to the, um, year, Deadspin's Will Leitch set out to salute the most outstanding blogs for each NBA team. He called it "Blogdom's Best." So cute. But a lot has changed in the last few years — Ballhype, Blog World, RSS feeds! — so we here at Ball Don't Lie have decided to take a second look. Today: the best San Antonio Spurs blogs.

The Spurs get a bit of stick for being boring, but you know what? Success can be boring.

IBM is boring, and Ray Croc probably wasn't dancing around parties with a lampshade on his head. We just tend to regard consistent brilliance as something worth glossing over, sadly. Few of us can picture what Mike Tyson looked like in Punch-Out!!, but we'll sure sing the praises of Little Mac based off memory alone.

Here to break down Kid Dynamite's game, is this lot ...

3. None — And you want to know why? Not only was the third Spurs blog I could find last updated before the 2008 Playoffs, but it also was named after the first (and, as it usually runs, "worst") pun you could possibly imagine. Look it up at your own peril. I'm sure the writers were quite good and swell guys, but that was too much. 

(Actually, it was a pretty solid blog. A pity that it ceased publication.)

2. 48 Minutes of Hell — It was a tough call, but I'm not going to lie and call it a coin flip — I went with the number one blog due to its longevity and the main author's rather dyspeptic take on things.

As it stands, though, numero uno has 48 Minutes of Hell (OF HELL!) breathing down its back. Graydon is an HP acolyte who has been doing quite well on his own with the mess o' fun. Great work so far, looking forward to his first full year. 

1. Pounding the Rock — As mentioned earlier, Matthew and Aaron are often a bit angry; but more than often, they're right. Correct, and peeved, at the same time? You're speaking to my condition, brothers.

If you would like to nominate a specific team blog for selection, let us know right here.

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