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Almost three years ago to the, um, year, Deadspin's Will Leitch set out to salute the most outstanding blogs for each NBA team. He called it "Blogdom's Best." So cute. But a lot has changed in the last few years — Ballhype, Blog World, RSS feeds! — so we here at Ball Don't Lie have decided to take a second look. Today: the best New Orleans Hornets blogs.

Outside of maybe the 2000-01 Los Angeles Clippers and whatever recent up-and-coming team our favorite respective outfits may have recently given us, can anyone remember looking forward to a future Conference final (at least) mainstay as much as we’re looking forward to these New Orleans Hornets? 

(Before we begin, bonus points to the sheer Bavarian willpower that is Hornets-Blog, especially for that Sean Marks picture on the front page.)

3. At the Hive — Good writing, good links, good quotes, statistical bent, room to grow. We like. 

2. Hornets Hype — OK, so Ticktock6 and mW are a little perturbed, at times, and I'm pretty perturbed that they stole the sportcoat and jeans look that I told everyone to lay off of back in 2001 because I was going to be the one to bring it back. 

Either way, they run a great blog, they've the right attitude, and the former's post about Katrina and its aftermath ranks up there with just about the best thing I've ever read on any blog, at any time, on any subject. 

1. Hornets247 — Ron Hitley and Ryan Schwan are so good at what they do, that most of the time I end up clicking away from their blog following reading a post telling myself that, geez, I get paid for this, and that I need to get my stuff together. Because these guys get it, and most of the time they "get it" far better than most of us paid mugs.

If you would like to nominate a specific team blog for selection, let us know right here.

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