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Almost three years ago to the, um, year, Deadspin's Will Leitch set out to salute the most outstanding blogs for each NBA team. He called it "Blogdom's Best." So cute. But a lot has changed in the last few years - Ballhype, Blog World, RSS feeds! - so we here at Ball Don't Lie have decided to take a second look. This afternoon: the best Los Angeles Lakers blogs. 

The Lakers are awesome, they might win 70 games this year if everyone stays healthy (and that always happens), and they boast one of the best players of the last 20 years.

Big city, big success, polarizing stars, tall chairs, Chris Mihm, whew. Somebody better be writing this stuff down.

3. The Lakers Nation - An up and comer, kids. Look out.

2. Lakers Blog - They think I'm a hater (and they can't defend that, because while I didn't read that post, I did hit CTRL-F and searched for the word "hater," and found it. Check and mate), but the brothers Kamenetzky run a fabulous MSM blog. Always coming through with the sort of posts I love to write and love to read from others.

1. Forum Blue and Gold - It's a great thing when a team as prominent and important and as successful as the Lakers has a blog that lives up to the franchise's exalted stature. I don't want to sound too breathless in describing Kurt's work, but anyone who's ever read a game preview, or his nuanced (nuance like you wouldn't believe, bro-tha) takes, or the way he turns a phrase and then uses actual evidence to support it ... it's an amazing thing, this site.

We're lucky to have it.

If you would like to nominate a specific team blog for selection, let us know right here.

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