Ball Don't Lie - NBA

A look around the league and the web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: Wizards Insider. DeShawn Stevenson on LeBron: "He's overrated." Whoa boy. I know how this ends.
PF: BrewHoop. Bucks fans are planning to wear paper bags over their heads this Saturday.
SF: Asylum. This fashionista loves Steve Nash's slip-on Vans and bootcut jeans.
SG: Basketbawful. Word of the day: kiss cam. Kiss cam of the day: Shaq on Wade's dome.
PG: The Wages of Wins Journal. Why are the Spurs slipping? (Are the Spurs slipping?)
6th: Odenized. Amare Stoudemire and his frat boy argyle sweater.
7th: Jones on the NBA. Leave Ron Artest alone!
8th: The Denver Post. LeBron, Kobe, LeBron, Kobe, LeBron, TRACY MCGRADY (!?!?), Kobe, LeBron ...
9th: SLAMonline. Shoals' "Quotemonger" is quickly becoming my favorite recurring feature on the web.
10th: ClipperBlog. The anatomy of a bad NBA team includes, journeymen point guards, undersized players and guys who are missing key attributes that their positions demand.

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Ball Don't Lie

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