Ball Don't Lie - NBA

C: Akron-Beacon Journal. Brian Windhorst: "Yes LeBron James is playing, no LeBron James is not starting. No, there's no good reason for that."
PF: Sactown Royalty. Pro-rated, Kenny Thomas adds up to be the worst goateed power forward in history. So why does he get minutes? Because coaches are obsessed with veteran names that they've heard of before.
SF: We Rite Goode. LBJ -- fine small forward, fine teammate, fine statesman, fine, fine, fine.
SG: Steve Aschburner on the more frustrating financial motivations behind the recent batch of Phoenix Suns moves and non-moves.
PG: CelticsBlog. Choosing between Luol Deng and Josh Smith. I'll take the guy who doesn't break plays and doesn't try to bank in threes.
6th: Los Angeles Times. Either Vlad Radmanovic is Phil Jackson's "favorite Martian," or a quote about PJ's DVD viewing habits just got taken way out of context.
7th: Detroit Free Press. Fantastic profile of Jason Maxiell (hat tip to Detroit Bad Boys).
8th: Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah haven't played a single minute together all season.
9th: TheHype. The always insightful Word on the Street.
10th: Bullets Forever. Celebrating its 10th birthday! Wait, what?

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Ball Don't Lie

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