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I don't even think it's worth linking to, at this point. All manner of Ball Don't Lie contributors are uniformly on record as thinking that just about every facet of LeBron James'(notes) jump to the Miami Heat was about as distasteful as these things come, and it made for an annoying bummer that ruined what was otherwise a pretty nice summer.

But, geez, we're not going to push LeBron James into the stands because of it.

New Jersey Nets forward Terrence Williams(notes) is, though. From the New York Daily News:

With LeBron James on another breakaway in the third quarter -- seemingly destined for his sixth dunk of the game -- Williams threw his body into the Heat superstar, who flew over the cameramen and into the crowd. The flagrant foul followed a no-look, midair alley-oop pass from Dwyane Wade(notes) to James.

"When people are going to the hole and throwing behind-the-back and dunking and stuff like that, you have to do something about that," Williams said. "It's nothing against LeBron."

Yeah, it's nothing against you, guy I just pushed into the stands because I don't like you or what you're doing.

James, to his credit, didn't seem all that bothered:

"It didn't send much of a message because we went on an 8-0 run after hit," James said. "Do we play New Jersey again? Just once. I'll be ready for it."

Here's the video of Terrence Williams making it so "The Decision" and all those alley-oops never happened with just one shove, thanks to the fine folks at

Great work at sending a message to a guy that hasn't gotten the message, or anything close to resembling "the message," his entire career.

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