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Dwight Howard(notes) is known for his good-natured persona as much as he is for his amazing jumping ability and love of Ed Hardy T-shirts. But that happy-go-lucky guy also happens to lead the NBA in technical fouls. Perhaps he smiled too often or maybe he gets frustrated with "Hack-A-Howard." Whatever the reason, he's one more technical foul away from a mandatory one game suspension.

According to Dwight himself, he's going to be missing a game.

"I would say I might get it," Howard said Sunday with a smile, eliciting laughter from reporters. "I'm going to try not to, but chances are my emotions tend to fly. I'm going to try [not to get a tech]. A lot of people have talked to me about it. They call me ‘Little Rasheed Wallace'(notes) and stuff like that."

That's probably the only time Dwight has been called "little" anything in the past few years. However, he does share some qualities with Boston's fiery forward — most notably paranoia.

"The refs are like cops, and I'm on the Most Wanted list. My picture is in every cop station around the league," Howard joked after practice Sunday. "For every tech [they give me], they get a gold star. Five stars, and they get promoted."

If Howard does get his 16th technical, he'll serve his one game suspension, and that's going to be expensive. As Tim Potvak of FanHouse explains, missing a game would cost Howard $136,363, which is a whole bunch of skull and dagger shirts. After that, every two T's are another game suspension.

However, once the Magic make it to the playoffs the count resets. It'll take seven technicals in the playoffs to earn the big man a suspension. Of course, the last time Howard missed a playoff game, things turned out pretty well. Flex away, Dwight.

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Ball Don't Lie

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