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This fall, for at least six or seven hours, one lucky grade-schooler in the Borough of East Rutherford, New Jersey will be the envy of all of his schoolmates. (Well, that is unless the aforementioned lucky grade-schooler is a big Bobby Simmons(notes) fan.)

As part of an American Dairy Association and Dairy Council program, the New Jersey Nets have just launched their Take A Net To School Sweepstakes.

Yes, that's right; one fortunate pipsqueak, between the age of 6-13 years, will get to select a current New Jersey Nets player to visit his or her home and accompany them to school for a day in late September.

The winner also receives complimentary breakfast for his or her entire grade, t-shirts for the class, and four tickets to a Nets home game. Approximate retail value: $12. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It's more like $20.)

I don't know about "Little Johnny," but if it were up to me, I'd probably pick Courtney Lee(notes) to attend my school. He just seems like a chill bro — girl's name and all.

You might think I would jump at the opportunity to take Brook Lopez(notes), but, well, I would hate to sit in class all day worrying about whether those farting noises he was making were going to get us sent to the principal's office.

As for taking Yi Jianlian(notes)? No way. I fought too long and hard for that "Musical Chairs Champion" title. Honestly, Yi would have my crown by the end of first recess — dude's a wizard with wooden furniture.

But what about you? Which Nets player would you roll to school with? Best answer wins an apple.

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Ball Don't Lie

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