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This is simple math with shocking results. Steve Nash's(notes) normal face combined with Tim Duncan's(notes) left elbow clearly equals Nash's Toxic Avenger face. That's an easy one. However, it equals so many other things too.

How about 10 fourth-quarter points in a close-out game against the Suns' rivals? Yep, it equals that too, and five assists for good measure. If you're scoring at home, that's 40 points and 20 assists per 48 minutes, so maybe Nash playing with one eye could be a strategy Phoenix could use in the Western Conference finals. Just throwing it out there.

Another thing it equals is six stitches, which is the number it took to close up the Nash Gash (use that, please) after Duncan inadvertently showed Nash a little southern hospitality on a third-quarter drive by the Spurs big man. That'll teach him to play defense.

And there's one last thing this complicated equation equals — no sleep for anyone who looked at any picture of Nash's face for more than 13 seconds. Haunting.

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Ball Don't Lie

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