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On Thursday night, following the Suns' Game 5 loss at the hands of Ron Artest's(notes) last second tip-in, Steve Nash(notes)emotional leader and captain of the Phoenix team — said this:

"They held home court," Nash said after Game 5's agonizing loss Thursday. "We'll go back and do the same, and we'll come back here (Staples Center) for Game 7."

On Friday, Nash clarified that what he said wasn't quite a guarantee, but he did stand behind his words. The Suns would defend their home court in Game 6, then return to Los Angeles for the deciding game of the series. 

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Lakers proved that Steve Nash's soothsaying abilities aren't quite on par with his basketball abilities as the Suns were eliminated, two wins away from Nash's first finals appearance. Then he did this:

Kind of an emotional weekend for everyone's favorite Canadian (sorry, Jim Carrey). And now, just like that, the Suns' season is over and everyone is already talking about whether or not this team can be kept together to make another run. It's been a bit of a roller coaster for Suns fans, I'm sure.

On the plus side, at least Nash didn't suffer any random facial injuries lately. He'll probably enjoy being able to see and breath going into the offseason. Plus he's got twin daughters that call the Lakers the "Poopy Lakers," which is a whole different kind of winning.

KD will eulogize the Suns soon enough, but I'm really going to miss watching Phoenix in general, and Nash in particular. They made a pretty uneventful playoffs a lot more fun. I'll miss you guys. K.I.T. H.A.G.S. T.T.Y.L.

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Ball Don't Lie

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