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For all the bitching and moaning fans do about the NBA "fixing games" and "tampering with Draft lottery envelopes," they sure are quick to roll over and show their bellies whenever David Stern calls the fix in on something they want to see.

You know, like Stern scratching Tracy McGrady's name from the top of the leading All-Star votes list and handing the starting Western Conference backcourt spot to Chris Paul. TickTock of Hornets Hype knows what I'm talking about:

You cannot tell me CP made up 158,000 votes, or whatever it was the last time we saw the numbers, in like a week. The more everyone cried out that McGrady starting the All-Star Game over him was utterly indefensible, the wider the gap grew. So you can't tell me that the trend suddenly, magically reversed just like that. I flat out won't believe it. And yet, they're saying Chris got 1.1 million votes in the last two weeks!

Now look, don't get me wrong — Tracy McGrady doesn't deserve to be in this year's All-Star Game, let alone start it. We can probably all agree on that. But why in the world does the NBA insist on letting fans "decide" who does and doesn't start the game, when they're just going to tweak the rosters anyway?

I mean, all of those McGrady and Yi Jianlian-punched paper ballots don't grow on trees, Stern!

China uses the Internet! And paper ballots do come from trees! But still ...

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Ball Don't Lie

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