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You don't remember this? It's a very famous picture.

And a very famous party. Mark Cuban fell asleep with a sport coat covering his entire face by the pool earlier in the day, took in a deep tan, everyone was taken aback by his darker complexion on every body part but his face, and Don Johnson seemed particularly perplexed. Later, the two enjoyed kamikaze shots.

It's all unraveling, though. News hit earlier Monday that Cuban -- now the Mavericks owner -- owes Johnson (the former "Nash Bridges," um, star?) $51.7 million in production royalties.

"'Nash Bridges' was my idea," Johnson said Friday. "Mark Cuban's company and Qualia took all the profits from the show's syndication. I feel vindicated that Rysher, 2929 Entertainment and Qualia are all being held responsible."

Johnson had argued, successfully, that "Nash" so far has generated $325 million in revenue, with $150 million of that coming from worldwide syndication.

Lots to chew on, here. For one, it's not just Mark handing over a check for $51.7 million to the former "Miami Vice" (no problem typing it, here) star. Cuban and his partners are part of a production team that is amongst several production teams named in the suit filed by Johnson, who was part-owner of "Nash Bridges" -- a TV show that somehow made it to syndication.

Also, once in syndication, the show made $150 million in revenue. That's pretty astonishing, because I've never seen the show on cable, so there has to be one country that is just playing the hell out of "Nash Bridges" every day. I'm looking at you, Belgium. You love a good action-comedy with no killings and/or strong language.

Lastly, my uncle had a song of his played on "Nash Bridges" almost 15 years ago, and if I remember correctly, the royalties took quite a long time to make their way to his mailbox, if they ever made their way to his mailbox. I'm not saying that Cuban had direct knowledge of this, but I am saying that my uncle may have helped fund the Evan Eschmeyer signing, Dallas. I'm very sorry.

Evan, if you'll recall, signed a six-year, $23-million deal in 2001. He was also able to jump up with a ball in his hands and get rim, even though he couldn't actually dunk. Be sure to look at Theo Ratliff's(notes) expression in the picture below.

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Ball Don't Lie

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