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This story is a little weird, so let's start with some background information: Jill Martin, picture right, joined MSG in 2007 as a host and reporter for the network's nightly sports and entertainment show "MSG, NY." She's a Knicks reporter.

Well, apparently, Martin appeared on The Howard Stern Show yesterday with Stern's fiancé, Beth Ostrosky, to promote a segment on the Tyra Banks show. (Yes, Tyra Banks still has a talk show. That's news to me, too.)

While they were on the air, Artie Lange, Stern's comic partner in crime, started asking Martin basic Knicks trivia like, "What years did the Knicks win a NBA championship?" and "Where was Stephon Marbury born?" When she struggled to answer, Artie started mocking her lack of Knicks knowledge. (Why? I don't know. Recalling facts about this Knicks squad would be the last thing I'd want to do.)

So now, naturally, Snapple is offering Ms. Martin a cool $5,000 to write up five Snapple Cap facts about the Knicks. Yes, Snapple — the beverage company. They have a press release about it and everything. It's after the jump.

PLANO, Texas (Sept, 16 2008) — In a continued effort to educate Americans one bottle cap at a time, Snapple offers New York Knicks reporter Jill Martin a side job for the off-season: Snapple Cap Fact Writer. In a recent interview, Martin failed to answer several trivia questions about her own team — including a question about the years in which the Knicks have won the NBA Championship.

To help Martin become more informed about the Knicks, Snapple invites her to write five Knicks-focused Snapple cap facts. In addition to gaining crucial knowledge about the team, Martin will receive $1,000 for each cap fact. Snapple will provide any and all resources needed to research these facts, including: Internet access, direct contact with devout followers of NY sports and the email address of the president of the Patrick Ewing Fan Club.

The job offer expires on the NBA's opening night October 29, 2008. "Snapple, in no way, wants to interfere with Martin's full-time job," said Bryan Mazur, vice president of marketing for Snapple. "However, this is a wonderful opportunity to engage a talented young reporter — and Snapple is more than happy to help!"

To respond, Martin can contact the Snapple consumer line at 1-800-762-7753.

Man, I could really go for a Fruitopia right about now.

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