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From the Indianapolis Star:

"The Indiana Pacers suspended Jamaal Tinsley for Wednesday night's game against Golden State following an incident during a film session one day earlier, The Star has learned.

What exactly happened during the session is unknown."

Not true.

Pacers coach Jim O'Brien: "Here's where I want you to shoot a three-pointer, squaddle deedle-dee, shoot another three-pointer here, blippity bloop ..."

Tinsley: "Why'd you have to sit like that?"

Obie: "Like what?"

JT: "Like that?"

Obie: "I'm standing. Like where?"

JT: "In the coaches photo. You sit, three guys stand to your right, two to your left. It's unseemly. It's off-kilter. Geometrically uncouth. An affront to my sensibilities!"

Obie: "I don't understand what that has to ..."

JT: "I come into work almost every day, see that picture hanging in the hallway, and I have to touch 14 doorknobs and David Harrison's neckbeard just to get back to normal."

Obie: "Like you can talk, remember that Pistons game where you let Jeff Foster touch your head in the first quarter?"

JT: "Yeah."

Obie: "Creepy guy went off for nine first half rebounds."

JT: "Yeah."

Obie: "Comes off the bench in the third quarter, wants to touch the head again, and what do you do?"

JT: "Is this about the towel?"

Obie: "Yeah, ‘it's about the towel.'"

JT: "I don't understand what the problem is. It was an affront to my sensibilities. It had to stop. Like the dye-job."

Obie: "What dye-job?"

JT: "You've been a head coach for seven years now. All this time you've had sideburns the color of cooked halibut, some white directly above it, and then jet-black hair."

Obie: "First off, quit comparing colors to "cooked halibut." Dunleavy Jr. cried for weeks the first time you tried that. Secondly, yeah, I'm getting older. It's what happens."

JT: "No, no it's not 'what happens.' If it's 'what happens,' then it would be blended. You don't go from stark white to dark black in half a centimeter. How do you think I feel when Stephen Jackson texts me to tell me that my coach and Bonnie Raitt share a barber? It's an affront to my sensibilities!"

Obie: "Say that one more time, and you're suspended."

JT: "A suspension without pay?"

Obie:  "Yes."

JT: "But that would be an affront to my sensibilities!"

And ... scene.

Somebody better get traded soon. I'm all out.

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Ball Don't Lie

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