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Your wedding day is one of the best of your life, but it's also one of the most hectic. With so many people having to do so many things in so many different places, it's easy to get overwhelmed trying to make sure everything is perfect. Everything goes so fast that, sometimes, you hardly remember everything. Sure, you'll never forget it, but it's still a blur.

Unless, of course, Shaquille O'Neal(notes) crashes your ceremony. That's not something that's going to slip your mind, ever, no matter how hard you try. From's John Beattie:

On Friday, Aug. 27, that's just what happened as Shaq wandered into the wedding ceremony of Kristen and Wes Schifone at the Four Seasons in downtown Boston, much to the delight of the newly-weds. Shaq didn't show off his epic moves on the dance floor, nor did he spit out some serious rhymes with the band, but it was a memorable visit to say the least.

"Considering it was someone of his stature, he was a total gentleman and just acted like one of the guys," the groom said from his Hawaiian honeymoon. "He accepted everyone's photo request and even remembered our names the next day and asked that we come down for a photo shoot with him for the [Boston] Globe." [...]

The Big Crasher even showed up at brunch the following morning, after a night of posing for some photos with the couple and bridesmaids[.]

Pretty cool story for those peeps. "Did I tell you what happened at our wedding? No? Shaq showed up. Yeah, Shaquille O'Neal. Seriously. I'm not joking. He was pretty cool, but he ate like 19 chicken kievs. It was OK though since the Dunsmore family couldn't make it." This couple is going to be dining out on this story for a while.

You've got to wonder, though, what Shaq was doing just wandering around the Four Seasons, opening doors to banquet halls just to see what was going on. How many did he try before he finally found a wedding to crash? That's disconcerting and hilarious at the same time. Must be a big Vince Vaughn fan, even if he obviously broke rule No. 2.

This could easily become a thing, I think. Who's going to say no to Shaq crashing their wedding? Not only is he physically intimidating, he'd probably also be an excellent guest as long as you're fine with the jeans and t-shirt look. Somehow, I bet that's not a big problem.

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