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As anyone who has ever been around a New York nightclub can attest, Suns center — legend, sheriff, rapper, etc. — Shaquille O'Neal tends to shoot from the hip/lip when he gets in front of a microphone. He's like Charles Barkley, but with a deeper voice and rhythm.

Well, Sports 620 KTAR had a mic at Suns practice Tuesday, so, naturally, The Big Outspoken did what he does best: talk. The money quote came when he was asked about the Suns' first-round loss to the Spurs in last year's playoffs. O'Neal said he didn't mind that "Hack-a-Shaq" strategy wasn't changed in the rules during the offseason, but that there is no need to do it when a team is up 10 points. Shaq, via FanHouse:

"When you're down, I can see using that as a strategy. But when you're up 10, 15 points, there's really no need for that. That's a coward move. And he knows that. I'll make 'em pay for that."

You hear that, Gregg Popovich? You're a coward! A coward hiding behind a beard!

And the fun/embarrassment didn't stop there. Later in the media scrum — earmuffs, Nash and Raja! — Shaq asks how he's supposed to stay in front Tony Parker and company if the Phoenix guards can't, and then notes a blown defensive rotation on Tim Duncan's [fudge'n] three in Game 1. He also takes credit for James Posey and Jason Kapono's fat free agent contracts.

Bright Side of the Sun has the other highlights, but here's the full audio (.mp3). When Shaq talks, you listen.

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Ball Don't Lie

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