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Move over, Manny Ramirez!

Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O'Neal(notes) admitted publicly for the first time Thursday that he used performance-enhancing cereals (PECs) during a long, successful NBA career in which he passed all drug tests.

Shaq's shocking admission came during an interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta when he was asked whether he had ever taken performance-enhancing steroids.

His response, courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews:

"I've told the world before, only thing I had was Frosted Flakes: Super Enhancement Cereal. That's the only thing I've put in my body. Frosted Flakes Athletic Performance Enhancement Cereal. They ain't even out yet ...

For all the little kids, the Performance Enhancement Cereal is you take the Frosted Flakes, and you take the Froot Loops, and you mix them together, and then you get some of them sliced bananas and you put them on that thing, and then you get a big old bowl ... 

The kind of bowl if you pull out your mother say, 'Boy, you better put that bowl back!'  And, then you pour that milk ... 'You better get a job eating all that milk.' 'Mama, we ain't got no milk.' 'Well, you better put some water on that boy!"

David Stern, Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam could not be reached for comment.

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Ball Don't Lie

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