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Only two players on the Cleveland Cavaliers have NBA championship experience. And not to disregard Leon Powe's(notes) contributions to the 2008 Celtics — most notably a monster dunk against the Lakers — but I'm guessing Shaquille O'Neal's(notes) four rings give him a little more credibility. It's either that or the Owl City video.

So when O'Neal gets to rhapsodizing about past titles, the Cavaliers can gain some valuable insight into what it means to be a champion. Take, for instance, Shaq recounting to Sports Illustrated how Miami's championship was won.

"I never got any rest in Miami," O'Neal says nostalgically. "I still don't know how we won that championship [in 2006]. F------ partied every night in Miami."

Hey, the Cavs are down 3-2 with a do-or-die game in Boston on the docket, they can use any help they can get. If that means partying non-stop from now until Thursday, 9 out of 10 doctors would surely recommend this treatment. Whatever it takes.

Of course, maybe this isn't the best idea. Hard to believe, I know. But as Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reminds, the fallout from Miami's partying submarined the franchise pretty quickly.

O'Neal hosted numerous parties during his Heat tenure, with conditioning throughout the roster deteriorating following the championship season. Forwards Antoine Walker(notes) and James Posey(notes) both were suspended by the team in 2006-07 over conditioning issues.

Those are the little things that slip your mind sometimes. Yeah, Antoine Walker has remained a mess, but in the three years since Posey was suspended for being out of shape, he's come to be known as a guy you add to your team if you want to win a title. That's kind of hilarious.

Thanks to Joakim Noah(notes), we know that there is nothing to do in Cleveland. Wouldn't it be unfortunate if that's why they never won a championship? You might think that partying every night during a basketball season is a terrible idea — and you're probably right — but you can't argue with results.

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Ball Don't Lie

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