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Midway through the fourth quarter of an otherwise anticlimactic Game 1 betwixt the Suns and Lakers, Shannon Brown(notes) realized he'd disappointed just about everybody in this year's dunk contest. Hoping to make up for it, Shannon tried to replicate Dwight Howard's(notes) famed Superman dunk from 2008.

During a game. In traffic.

Even though he missed, that totally gets a "wowee we wa" from this guy. The miss was so good that people immediately started calling it the best missed dunk of all-time. You be the judge. Either way, I'd offer up that this missed dunk provided some of the most amazing pictures in the history of dunking.

For instance, this Mr. World Premiere screen cap, which somehow is not Photoshopped.

On my Compy386 I saved that file as "shannon flying" because there's really no better description than that. With the height and the legs flying out behind and the body lean, Shannon looks like he just took off. Not just for a dunk, mind you, but for the first human flight in world history.

I feel like these two pictographs really let you know how high Shannon Brown was. They kind of make Marv Albert's "I actually thought he was going over the backboard" seem logical.

This is really just an awesome picture. Yeah, you can kinda tell that he's missing the dunk, but that doesn't even matter. The line from the ball to his foot is amazing. It's like the super-leaningest (totally a word) dunk attempt ever and it looks great. Plus, Kobe's face is hilarious.

Too bad Shannon Brown missed. If he hadn't, we'd be talking about one of the best dunks ever.

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Ball Don't Lie

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