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On Monday, the Lakers and the city of Los Angeles celebrated their 2010 NBA title with a parade through their fine city. Thousands upon thousands of Angelenos showed up, cheering on their back-to-back champions as only Californians can. Let's enjoy some of the best pictures from Monday's festivities.

Ron Artest(notes) kept things pretty normal, all things considered. Yeah, he showed up just a little bit tipsy, smoking a cigar and wearing a feathered top hat his daughter made in art class, but that's normal for Ron Artest. At least he finally changed clothes.

Man, Kobe Bryant's(notes) index finger is a lot more injured than we were led to believe. He definitely needs surgery.

Seven people were arrested at the parade, including these two young ladies for "excessive blanketing." Kids these days and their crazy blankets. It still doesn't seem fair that they'd be thrown in jail for blankets, but I'm hardly an expert on the California penal code.

Unlike Ron Artest, Pau Gasol(notes) still hasn't showered since Thursday night. It's not really that big of a change for him though — Wednesday is his weekly shower day.

a) ZING!

b) Shaq is like, "What's that? I can't see your sign behind my enormous stacks of money and four championship rings. Have you heard this new Owl City song? It's really, really good."

c) But still, buuuuuurrrrrnnnnnn.

I'm not that surprised that Pharrell Williams would be a Lakers fan, but I'm kind of shocked he didn't get better seats.

As you can tell by Derek Fisher's(notes) supremely unimpressed face, anything more than four titles is a total bore. It's such a drag winning five championships in 11 years.

We should all be very happy that the gigantic Peja Stojakovic heads that have become so famous in New Orleans have finally spawned. Fun fact: Pau Gasol's is life-size.

It was pretty nice of the Lakers to let impartial commentator Earvin "Magic" Johnson ride in their parade. Journalists don't usually get that chance.

Yep, he's a champion.

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Ball Don't Lie

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