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Hey, tall guys. Let me speak some truth in your ear right now. Trying to find pants is pretty tough. As a tall guy myself — 6-foot-5 — I know the struggles. If the pants are slim enough to look cool, then they're too short and you look like a huge dork. Or, if they're long enough, they're probably way too baggy. When it comes to jeans, my tall friends, you do not want to be like Mike. Trust me on that one, Daddy Long Legs.

But don't worry anymore, Sasha Vujacic(notes) has us covered. And by "us," I mean "our legs." For realsies. From Janis Carr at the Orange County Register:

Vujacic has teamed up with Rock & Republic to design jeans for the man who has a 38-inch inseam or longer and wants trendy jeans. The Lakers guard recently debuted his line of jeans and t-shirts at Nordstrom's department stores.

"I couldn't find long jeans or pants, so when I had the opportunity to work with Rock & Republic, I took it," Vujacic said. "They wanted to do something really unique for tall guys who didn't want to walk around like Steve Erckel of Family Matters.

"So now they can have long jeans and go on a date and not have to pull them all the way down," he added, pointing to halfway down his backside.

Finally. We've all been trying to find a pair of sensible and slim embroidered jeans to pair with our Dwight Howard Ed Hardy t-shirts for a long time, so it's good that Sasha Vujacic finally stepped up to the plate and give us some shiny denim. Thanks, Sasha. For the jeans.

Funnily enough, Sasha's jeans — the "SV18" — come in a color called "Perplexed Wash." Considering we're all pretty confused that Sasha Vujacic is now a designer of $198 jeans, I'd say that's a very good name for the color.

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