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As you might know, this is the last season of "Lost." Pretty soon, we're going to be without one of the best — if not totally implausible and utterly crazy — shows currently on television. There's going to be a void in all of our lives that will need to be filled by something equally as bizarre.

Well, thankfully, Ron Artest(notes) has us covered. He's just recently signed on produce, develop and star in his own reality show. This might be the best news of all time.

The bad boy NBA player is to develop and produce the "They Call Me Crazy" show with E1 Entertainment and Tijuana Entertainment.

The series will document the ups and downs of Artest's life, allowing him to "make amends for past transgressions," according to E1 Entertainment, and help develop aspiring musicians through his hip-hop label, Tru Warier, to be supported by E1 Music.


"I'm really excited to have the opportunity to invite people into my world to see the real me, and show them there are many more sides to the Ron Artest they see on the basketball court," Artest said in a statement.

Could there be a better name for a Ron Artest show than "They Call Me Crazy?" I submit that there cannot.

There's no indication of when the show will start, or what channel it will air on, but as soon as it goes on-air it will instantly be the best show on television. I mean, between his random Internet videos, his escapades with his recording artists, that time he went on Jimmy Kimmel in his underwear, and about a million other things, Ron Artest has basically been living a reality show anyways — now he'll have the cameras. I consider us all very lucky.

(h/t: Land O' Lakers)

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Ball Don't Lie

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