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Ron Artest(notes) appeared on "The Carmichael Dave Show" in Sacramento on Tuesday and was asked what effect Kobe Bryant's(notes) errant elbow had on him during Game 2 of the heated Rockets-Lakers series. His answer, via Sports Radio Interviews, was a little surprising:

"... I couldn't shoot the ball anymore. He hit me right at the point of my collarbone, so, like my whole left side of my neck, and my left chest was so tight. I couldn't even sleep on it, he hit me that hard and it had been downhill ever since then. It really threw my shot off, you know, I had been shooting the ball well. I shot it well in Game 6 in Portland, in games one, two, and three, I was shooting the ball really well, and then it caught up to me. I'm still in a little bit of discomfort right now ..."

(Host: "Did you get it checked out?")

"No, it's getting better. It was a bruise."

Just to clarify: Ron Artest shot 17-61 (28%) from the floor in his last 157 minutes of play because of a bad bruise.

Someone remind me why the TNT crew were ripping Dirk Nowitzki(notes) a new one again?

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Ball Don't Lie

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